2nd Hour
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 OCT 1
"A Perfect 10: Reflections from the 10th Annual UUFM Retreat"

UUFM Singers

Anne Gilese, Anna Deck, Tom Deck, Meredith Kermicle, Doyle Kermicle: "Exposing Students to Civic Responsibility"

Frank BaughKristen BirckholtzDoyle KermicleCulver's (Rutherford Blvd)
OCT 8 Rabbi Rami Shapiro: "God is Dead. Long Live the Grays"

Rabbi Rami: "Talkback"

Jill Austin: "Social Responsibility--Voting with Your Dollars"

Joe AndrewsKaren JohnsonCasey GrayNewk's (Memorial Blvd)
 OCT 15Rev. Denise Gyuach: "Dismantling after Charlottesville--What, Why, How (and maybe a few words on who, where, and when)

Rev. Gyauch: "Talkback"

Allie BeckerAmy JonesBeth SkinnerUncle Maddio's
 OCT 22Doug Traversa: "The War on Transgender People"

Doug Traversa: "Talkback"

Blake Becker: "TBD"

Bob KimbroAllie BeckerKaren JohnsonMoe's Southwest Grill
 OCT 29

Allie Becker: "There is a Light and it Never Goes Out--Ancestor Veneration Across Cultures and Generations"

Bob Kimbro: "How U.S. Horror Films Reflect the American Zeitgeist"

Domestic Violence Center

Shelly McCormackJeffrey BowlesCasey GrayJason's Deli
NOV 5 Jill Austin: "Welcoming Congregations--The History of UU and LGBTQ Rights"

UUFM Singers

Anna Deck & Meredith Kermicle: "On Tyranny--Lessons from the 20th Century"

Karen JohnsonAndrea DawsonJoe AndrewsMellow Mushroom
 NOV 12 Doug Traversa: "Musings on Ghosts"

Doug Traversa: "Talkback"

Bob Kimbro: "Science Café: Geology of the Colorado Plateau" 

Kitti McConnellJill AustinKaren JohnsonPanera
 NOV 19Rev. Denise Gyuach: "The Words that Came Before All Else: The Haudenosaunee Thanksgiving"

Rev. Gyauch: "Talkback"

Roger Clery: "Podcasts"

Jill AustinShelly McCormackKitti McConnellFirehouse Subs
 NOV 26Rabbi Rami Shapiro: "Two Lives, Three Phases: Where are You on Your Spiritual Journey"

Rabbi Shapiro: "Talkback"

Andrea Dawson: "TBD"

Karen JohnsonJill AustinCasey GrayMcAlister's
Rev. Denise Gyuach: "Let Them Eat Cake: Celebrating the National Weekend of Prayer for LGBTQ Justice"​

​Rev. Gyuach: "Talkback"

UUFM Singers

​Frank BaughKaren JohnsonBeth Skinner​Newk's 
Doug Traversa: "It Takes a Congregation"

Doug Traversa: "Talkback"

Allie  Becker: "Louisa May Alcott's Christmas Writings"

Shelly McCormackKitti McConnell​Joe Andrews​Holiday Potluck
Rabbi Rami Shapiro: "Where are You on Your Spiritual Journey?"

​Rabbi Shapiro: "Talkback"

Karen Johnson: "Winter Solstice"

Jill AustinFrank Baugh​Doyle KermicleBar-B-Cutie
 DEC 24Holiday ServiceNo second hour this Sunday!Karen Johnson​Shelly McCormackCasey Gray​No lunch today!!
DEC 31 
 Shelly McCormack: "When Hope is Hard to Find"

UUFM Singers

Showing Up for Racial Justice

Bob Kimbro
Allie Becker
Frank Baugh
Mellow Mushroom

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