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 JUL 2
 Communion of Words for July 4th

UUFM Singers

Karen Johnson: "Declaring Freedom from What Others Think"

Bob KimbroJill AustinCasey GrayFirehouse Subs
 JUL 9Doug Traversa: "From Rationalism to Mysticism, 55 Years of Unitarian Universalim"

Doug Traversa: "Talkback"

Shelly McCormack: "Gratitude Series--Building on the Silver Lining"

Karen JohnsonFrank BaughDavid SummarBar-B-Cutie
 JUL 16Rev. Denise Gyauch: "It is Good to be Together: Reflections on General Assembly and the State of Our Association"

Rev. Gyauch: "Talkback"

Anna Gray: "Gratitude Series--Keeping a Gratitude Journal"

Joe AndrewsShelly McCormackDave AnthonyJason's Deli
JUL 23 Shelly McCormack: "Like a Good Neighbor"

Bob Kimbro: "Science Café--TBD"

Anna Gray & Frank Baugh: "Gratitude Series--Activity-Thanks you Notes"

Matthew KnightDavid SummarKaren JohnsonCulver's Ruth Blvd.
 JUL 30Rabbi Rami Shapiro: "Naikan--The Japanese Path of Gratitude"

Rabbi Rami: "Talkback"

Kitti McConnell: "Our UU Covenant in ASL"

Frank BaughMonica AshbaughJoe AndrewsPanera
 AUG 6Music Sunday: "Singing the Journey"

UUFM Singers

Jill Austin: "Why are We Here?"

Bob KimbroKaren JohnsonCasey GrayMcAlister's
AUG 13 Doug Traversa: "Integrity Matters, Now More Than Ever"

Doug Traversa: "Talkback"

Kitti McConnell: "Lammas"

Jeffery BowlesMatthew KnightBeth SkinnerFirehouse Subs
 AUG 20Rev. Denise Gyauch: "Do You Really Want to Know? Reflections on Eclipses & the Wonders and Challenges of Scientific Knowledge"

Rev. Gyauch & Bob Kimbro: "Talkback"

Dave AnthonyKitti McConnellJoe AndrewsMellow Mushroom
 AUG 27Rabbi Rami Shapiro: "What is Enlightenment and Why I'm Not (Enlightened)"

Rabbi Rami: "Talkback"

Roger Clery: "Electricity Conservation"

Shelly McCormackMatthew KnightFrank BaughNewk's (Memorial Blvd)
 SEP 3Jill Austin: "TBD"

UUFM Singers

Allie Becker & Kristen Birckholtz: "Intersectionality"

Kitti McConnellJeffery BowlesAllie BeckerMoe's Southwest Grill
 SEP 10Water Communion

Carolsue Clery: "UU History & Racial Justice"

Monica Ashbaugh: "Meta Meditation"

Jill AustinFrank BaughKaren JohnsonUncle Maddio's
 SEP 17Rev. Denise Gyauch: "TBD"

 Rev. Gyauch: "Talkback"

Jeffery Bowles: "Mabon"

Allie BeckerShelly McCormackDave AnthonyJason's Deli
 SEP 24Doug Traversa: "TBD"

Doug Traversa: "Talkback"

Jill Austin: "Consumer Social Responsibility--Voting with our Dollars"

Jim HowardAllie BeckerCasey GrayMellow Mushroom

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