2nd Hour
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Story for all Ages
​Roger Clery--"Public Goods vs Private Greed: A History of the Shared Commons"

​Bob Kimbro--Science Cafe: "Issues in Technology & Ethics: Nanotech, Autonomous Cars, and Autonomous Weapons--What Future Do We Want?" Free Inquiry, Vol. 37, No. 3, April/May 2017, pp. 21 et. seq.

Sheila Moss--"Survival Supplies in Time of Emergency"

Karen Johnson​Kitti McConnellDave Anthony​Panera
 APR 9​Doug Traversa: "Is Unitarian Universalism Transformative?"

Doug Traversa--Talkback

Monica Ashbaugh--"101 Ways to Save the Environment"

Bob KimbroKaren JohnsonCasey GrayJason's Deli
APR 16Rev. Denise Gyuach: "Something Always, Always Sings"

Rev. Gyuach--Talkback

Shelly McCormack--"Every Morning is Easter"

Joe AndrewsDavid SummarBeth SkinnerUncle Maddio's Pizza
APR 23Rabbi Rami Shapiro: "Interfaith Adventures--Reflections from the Festival of Faith"

Rabbi Rami--Talkback

Meredith Kermicle--"Craft as Spiritual Practices"

Allie BeckerShelly McCormackKenda HarrisonCulver's (Rutherford Blvd)
APR 30Flower Communion

UUFM Singers

Giveaway the Basket Discussion--"Operation: Rutherford Recycles"

Frank BaughAllie BeckerDavid SummarNewk's (Memorial Blvd)
 MAY 7Rev. Denise Gyuach: "Can We Talk about White . . . Supremacy?"

Rev. Gyuach--Talkback

Jeffery Bowles--"Maypole"

Joe AndrewsKaren JohnsonBlake BeckerMcAlister's
MAY 14Doug Traversa: "Righteous Anger or Simply Anger?"

Doug Traversa--Talkback

Allie Becker--"Jane Addams"

Kitti McConnellAllie BeckerJoe AndrewsFirehouse Subs
MAY 21Rabbi Rami Shapiro: "What Do (These) Women Want--Madame Blavatsky, Annie Bessant, and Theosophy"

Rabbi Rami--Talkback

Frank Baugh--"Music of Pete Seeger"

 Bob KimbroJeffrey BowlesFrank BaughUUFM Picnic
MAY 28UUFM Humanists Group: "UU Spirituality"

UUFM Singers

Carolsue & Roger Clery--"The 3rd Principle: Acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth in our congregations"

Shelly McCormackKitti McConnellAllie BeckerMoe's Southwest Grill
JUN 4Rev. Denise Gyuach: "The Art of the Covenant"

Rev. Gyuach--Talkback

Monica Ashbaugh--"Craft: Murfreesboro Rocks"

Karen JohnsonDavid SummarDave AnthonyBar-B-Cutie
JUN 11Doug Traversa: "It's Easy to be Ethical When it's Convenient"

Doug Traversa--Talkback

Frank Baugh--"Gnostic Gospels"

Dave AnthonyKaren JohnsonBeth SkinnerMellow Mushroom
JUN 18Jill Austin: "We'll Build a Land"

UUFM Singers

Karen Johnson--"Solstice"

Frank BaughJeffrey BowlesKenda HarrisonPanera
JUN 25Rabbi Rami Shapiro: "The World Wisdom Bible and Global Spirituality"

Rabbi Rami--Talkback

Bob Kimbro--"Science Cafe: The Coming Eclipse"

 Jeffrey BowlesFrank BaughDavid SummarGarden Greek Grill

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