UUFM Committees

Committee Chairs:

Hospitality: Barbara Kimbro

Membership/Outreach: Joe Andrews

Social Justice: Frank Baugh

Communications: Bob Kimbro

Worship: Jill Austin

Religious Education: Anna & Casey Gray, co-chairs

Hospitality Committee


  • Plan for setup and take down of refreshments
  • Greet visitors
  • Plan and implement food/informal community interaction at fall retreat
  • Plan and implement holiday potluck and May picnic



  • Maintain/order materials for new member inductions and assist with new member ceremonies
  • Follow-up with visitors the week following the service to welcome them
  • Add visitors' names to list for mid-week e-mail message
  • Communicate needs of members/friends to chair (and possibly to congregation)
  • Handle calls/visits to members in need
  • Greet visitors

Social Justice


  • Organize and coordinate four or five planned activities each year
  • Serve as conduit for information on social and community issues, keeping membership informed about opportunities to become involved
  • Develop ideas for "give away the basket" Sundays
  • Report on social justice activities to the membership



  • Maintain website
  • Develop advertisements for UUFM
  • Develop press releases for UUFM
  • Consider development of alternative media as new technologies emerge
  • Publish a periodic newsletter
  • Develop/maintain the Member/Friends Directory



  • Plan programs for UUFM services
  • Plan programs for second hour
  • Develop scripts and printed programs
  • Remind program volunteers about activities (service leader, story, readings, etc.)
  • Select "Lunch Bunch" locations
  • Follow-up with speakers and program helpers (reminder, thank you notes)
  • Select people to do story for all ages
  • Coordination of music selection with musician
  • Program communications with membership