To be a steward of something means to conserve it; to give it attention and care, to cherish it, to be its guardian, to protect and sustain it and to keep it safe.

Stewardship does not happen by accident. It depends on the acknowledgment that a personal relationship with the UUFM is important to each of us and that we have a personal commitment to protect it and preserve the values that make it important.

This is the time of the year when we ask our members and friends to pledge their support toward the mission of this fellowship for the upcoming year. Support comes in many forms whether a financial gift or the gift of time. The UUFM Board works wisely to ensure that this support continues to serve our members and the community. Pledging allows us to plan to fund our normal expenses. This pledge cycle begins on March 12, 2023, and ends on April 4, 2023.

What is a Pledge?

A pledge is simply an estimate of what each person or family will give over the coming year. No matter what each is able to give, it is certain that all pledges, of whatever amount, are needed. 

The UUA created the Fair-Share Contribution Guide, a tool to help you determine your pledge amount. It suggests three levels of giving, in relation to annual income. 

In general, we ask that you seriously consider an annual pledge of 5% of your annual household income. We understand that we all have varied circumstances. If 5% is simply not possible, please contribute an amount that is significant for you, representing your commitment to UUFM, to your personal growth, and to relationships within the community.

How is your pledge used?

The Fellowship has a variety of regular expenses including:

  • Speakers fees
  • Pianist fees
  • Center for the Arts rental
  • Social justice activities (Earth Day, BoroPride, etc.)
  • Insurance policies
  • Website and podcast hosting
  • Hospitality expenses (fall retreat, Holiday party, May picnic, etc.)
  • Bookkeeping expenses
  • UUA membership fees
  • P.O. box
  • Zoom fees
  • and others

The budget for the current period (2022-23) is $43,140. That is our minimum goal. If we exceed that goal we can open up new opportunities for UUFM in the coming year like childcare during services, cross-generation religious education, more in-person meetings, social events, etc.

Thanks to the following UU congregations for inspiration: