UUFM Member Celebrated at MTSU

(MTSU photo by Robin E. Lee)

Longtime UUFM member Jeffery Bowles was recognized in MTSU News for his inspirational stick-to-it-ness in his work to take care of the MTSU Honors College building. According to the story, Dean of the Honors College John Vile said “Jeffery really takes his job at the Honors College seriously. Although he usually begins work at the time that most of us are leaving, he still seems like part of the Honors College community. He has been one of the friendliest and most conscientious workers we’ve had.”

“I have tried to treat every job I’ve held with the utmost respect,” Bowles said, recalling a time when he worked at McDonald’s. “Working at MTSU has inspired me to continue my education after I earn my high school diploma.”

Jeffery lives his values and makes UUFM proud. Congratulations!