The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Murfreesboro (UUFM) has been a presence in Murfreesboro, Tennessee since 1962. Mitsue and Bascomb Williamson and other community members began meeting in 1956 for discussions. They met in the Mitchell Neilson school cafeteria and in members’ homes. In 1962, a Unitarian minister from Nashville suggested that the group join the Unitarian Church of the Larger Fellowship, a congregation not meeting in a physical space but connected through postal newsletters.

The group officially became the Unitarian Discussion Group at that time. Sometime in the 1960s, the group began meeting at Mrs. Ethel Womack’s house on Highland Street. The congregation met in the homes of members for many years and then at the Carriage House and now at The Center for the Arts.  

UUFM members and friends represent many faith traditions, world views, and philosophical traditions and we meet together as Unitarian Universalists. We do not have a creed or required belief system; members are encouraged to find their own spiritual paths. Our services include discussions of values, social justice, world religions, self-care, science topics, current issues/events, and traditional Unitarian Universalist ceremonies such as the Water Communion and Flower Communion. 

Our UU values call on us to help make the world a better place. Some of the organizations we have supported through donations and/or volunteer efforts include Murfreesboro Cold Patrol, Murfreesboro Muslim Youth, Boro Pride, Kymari House, Bradley Academy Historical Association, Boro Pride, Murfreesboro Earth Day, and Journeys in Community Living.

The mission of the fellowship is to be a supportive community of accepting and open-minded individuals who nurture one another’s spirits, strive for social justice through responsible service, and foster a more peaceful and loving world.

Our UUFM Covenant:

Love is the spirit of this church and service its law.

This is our great covenant:

To live together in peace,

To seek the truth in love,

And to help one another. 

UUFM is a part of the UUA Southern Region and a member congregation of the Unitarian Universalist Association.